Meet The Round 2 Collaborators

Meet Group 31

Mukahang Limbu, Stefanie Reynolds, Esther Uwejeyah, TBC Available August 31 Mukahang Limbu – DirectorMukahang Limbu is a 19 year old writer, director, and actor. A 3-time Foyle Young Poet, a SLAMbassador, and winner of the ‘First Story National’ competition, he was also the recipient of the Outspoken prize for poetry. His poems have been publishedContinue reading “Meet Group 31”

Meet Group 21

Jessica Bickel-Barlow, Charlotte Blandford, Olivia Munk, Hannah Rosen Brick Julian of Norwich is an anchoress, a woman entombed in the bowels of a 14th century church to live a life of devotion and contemplation while she receives messages from God. Margery Kemp, too, receives messages from above — but she chooses to live a lifeContinue reading “Meet Group 21”

Meet Group 9

Christopher Blackmore, Alice Davies, Abby Sumrie Parklife A game about public space, green space and why we need it. A discussion about why we care and who we meet there. 21% of households in London have no garden, but 87% live within walking distance to a public park. During the months inside open public greenContinue reading “Meet Group 9”

Meet Group 12

Cora Kirk, Libby Mai, Julene Robinson, Rebecca Saffir, Martha Watson Allpress SINK UP When you’re in two separate places there’s only so much you can do in sync. Lil and Gemma only just managed to get it together and now they’re being forced apart. As Lil heads home from a difficult conversation with her parents,Continue reading “Meet Group 12”

Meet Group 13

Elana Binysh, Emma Dawson, Stephanie Fuller [INSERT THOUGHT] A show about wearing your best velvet backless dress, tripping over and smashing your head open on the steps, except you didn’t really – you were just walking to the post office on a Friday morning to buy some envelopes. Because what is reality anyway? Halfway betweenContinue reading “Meet Group 13”

Meet Group 27

Tiran Aakel, Nalân Burgess, Emily Renée, Kate Webster Leaving It Three siblings meet after their mother’s death and confront how they really feel about their family and its legacy. Their mum left everything to be divided between the three of them – simple, right? Except that nothing’s ever simple with families. Especially when money’s involved.Continue reading “Meet Group 27”

Meet Group 6

Aisling Caffrey, Ben Caplan, Lauren Carse, Mitesh Soni SEEDS “A relationship begins. One rarely thinks before speaking at all, whereas the other? There’s this voice that prevents them from truly opening up… but what is it? Who is it?When they both receive mysterious seeds through the post, there is a nationwide call for cautiousness overContinue reading “Meet Group 6”

Meet Group 2

Angelina Chudi, Alex Critoph, Alessandra Davison, Molly Sweeney Sway Mami Wata’s got a lesson for the sailors, a Mermaid has a fag on a rock and Naamah is sick of doing all the work on the ark. The forgotten women of the sea tell their stories. Sway is a live action Audio Play about theContinue reading “Meet Group 2”

Meet Group 15

Myriam Acharki, Sherine Chalhie, Fiona Kelly, Munirih Grace #IsThisYourLife? You are invited to #IsThisYourLife? the metaphysical Game Show where one lucky contestant will #WinTheLifeofYourDreams by making winning life choices. Are you brave enough to confront reality? Performed at St John’s Church, Leytonstone 12-13 Sept Myriam Acharki – Performer/ DirectorMyriam Acharki an award nominee actress (neverContinue reading “Meet Group 15”

Meet Group 3

Nell Hardy, Iniki Mariano, Claudius Peters, Caleb Roberts, Lucy Ventham Here Three people are here. They know what they want. They know the rules. Now, they just have to figure out how to communicate with each other. But, in a world where mistakes aren’t allowed and anything can be overheard at any time, how canContinue reading “Meet Group 3”

Meet Group 24

Grace O’Keefe, Sasha Alexis, Tom Crowhurst, Theodor Spiridon Alright Alright is an audio-visual journey through your senses and emotions. In this remotely site-specific piece of digital theatre, it’s just you and me and me and you. All you need for this sensory adventure is a viewing device (either a phone or laptop) and a pairContinue reading “Meet Group 24”

Meet Group 25

Yamine Dankwah, Maya Willcocks Quinn “Mummy said I ask far too many questions…sooo I thought it would be good to ask you…” Starting in the early 90s, we follow Quinn, a girl, through her formative years where her identity is continuously interrogated, moulded and reformed. An audio visual piece which explores self expectation and whatContinue reading “Meet Group 25”

Meet Group 22

Simone French, Tom Halls, Jenni Jackson, Júlia Levai I’m Sorry I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to make you cry, but tonight I’m cleaning out my closet. I don’t know why I did the things I did, I don’t know why I said the things I said. Words are like weapons, theyContinue reading “Meet Group 22”

Meet Group 19

Sibylla Archdale Kalid, Alex Bull, Julie Tsang The HIIT Grab your leggings and join Alex for a dynamic HIIT class for beginners (we’re all beginners) to target body and mind. 5 reps of 5 exercises – it’s as simple as that! (Is it?) This class will tone your muscles, boost your mood and improve yourContinue reading “Meet Group 19”

Meet Group 8

Malachi Lawless, Camila Robinson, Paula Brett, Phoebe Frances Brown What He Would Have Wanted Three sisters grieve for their father, but due to rigid Coronavirus restrictions only two of them can attend the funeral. As they struggle with past traumas, old insecurities, and tadpoles in the swimming pool, what is the best way to makeContinue reading “Meet Group 8”

Meet Group 17

Carla Keen, Aida Rocci, Constanza Ruff Refund, Regret, Replace What do you regret? At what cost would you take it back? This short piece prompts us to question and explore our ability, or inability, to take responsibility for our actions, and the cost that carries forward in our lives. August 21 – 7:30pm Carla KeenContinue reading “Meet Group 17”

Meet Group 30

Gemma Murray, Charlie Kenber, Rachelle Grubb, Gethin Alderman And We Are Live This is an advertisement from: London Digi Tours! Sit down – for a walking tour! The upside to a pandemic surely peaks at experiencing a mediocre walking tour without even leaving your sofa. What could be better? Join our failed actors attempting notContinue reading “Meet Group 30”

Meet Group 20

Charles Douglas, Christina Fulcher, Corinna Marlowe, Hannah Moss Hinges Lucy and Mary have both lost something dear to them and are struggling to cope without it. When their worlds fall apart, we witness them adjust to a ‘new normal’ through a series of confessions, and hard hitting conversations. ‘Hinges’ is an honest portrayal of grief,Continue reading “Meet Group 20”

Meet Group 29

Khairika Al Sinani, Benedict Chambers, Melissa Holston, Lucy McIlgorm Your Connection Is Unstable When government legislation dictates that we all have to stay at home, what happens to romantic relationships? YOUR CONNECTION IS UNSTABLE explores the challenges facing a couple during lockdown in an interactive adventure with the viewer choosing the direction of Josh andContinue reading “Meet Group 29”

Meet Group 23

Alexandra Donnachie, Kate Donnachie, Ellie Zeegen Found Missing Inspired by group member Ellie Zeegen’s participation in the Refuge 62 Mile Walking Challenge, Found Missing is a work-in-progress audio journey. It is our group’s response to the reports of a huge increase in cases of domestic violence across the country throughout the global pandemic. The projectContinue reading “Meet Group 23”

Meet Group 1

Kemi-Bo Jacobs, Rhoda Ofori-Attah, Sumerah Srivastav This Flag THIS FLAG explores the nature of identity and belonging for those living in parts of the world where they are othered. It also explores the negative impact that both physical and psychological isolation can have on the individual. Available August 29 Kemi-Bo Jacobs -WriterKemi-Bo Jacobs is anContinue reading “Meet Group 1”

Meet Group 32

Allen Charlton, Gisele Edwards Invasion In 1881, an amateur botanist Augustine Henry left Britain to join the China Customs Service. Posted to Hubei, near Wuhan, he collected plants to send home to Kew Gardens. One was Buddleja Davidii which, once marketed and planted in Britain’s gardens for its blooms, went viral as each plant’s millionContinue reading “Meet Group 32”

Meet Group 28

Anna Pellegrini, Ellie Hurt, Olivia Dodd, Priyank Morjaria Perspectives When an incident happens in the street, the significance of the consequences starts to unravel. Perspectives focuses on the narration of one event from two different points of view. Through this formal device the piece explores the functionality of language as a conveyor of meaning whichContinue reading “Meet Group 28”

Meet Group 4

Matthew Durkan, Richard Hammarton, Jennifer Oliver, Zoe Zak KAYFABE With little work on the horizon, Kay and Fabe turn to the world of webcam. Offering intimacy recreation in exchange for money, they invite people to join the chat and vicariously experience tenderness in a time where very little exists. In order to boost business, KAYFABEContinue reading “Meet Group 4”

Meet Group 11

Megan Farquhar, Mark Fenton, Lotti Sofia, Anne-Christelle Zanzen You’re Not Listening Being torn apart by their parents divorce, two sisters try and reconnect. A short film about how memories are rewritten and how we need to be loved in our most difficult moments. Available August 23 Megan Farquhar – PerformerMegan Farquhar is an actor, director,Continue reading “Meet Group 11”

Meet Group 7

Markella Syrri, Jacqueline Rose, Ezel Doruk, Raphael Von Blumenthal Making (non)Sense of it All Nobody asked for this. But here we are, and there you are. Trying to (re)define our place in the new (ab)normal. So where do we begin to understand what life is like now? How did we manage to share an emotionalContinue reading “Meet Group 7”

Meet Group 10

Carly McCann, Stephanie Stephens, Sabrina Richmond, Samantha Richmond Genetic Beauty We see the suffering, we feel bad about the suffering, we do something – dial “0800-doing-good” (0800-36464-4663). Raising money for charity is an eye, to heart, to wallet equation. No one does the annual telethon like these two news anchors, who know that money isContinue reading “Meet Group 10”

Meet Group 18

Ben SantaMaria, Tom Shennan, Elizabeth Twells, Theo Harrison Symptoms May Include Symptoms May Include is a film created and shot remotely by a group of artists in Epping, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Studland. It explores the wide-ranging effects of post-COVID syndrome through a deliberately ambiguous narrative, which reflects the complexity of the issues raised. AContinue reading “Meet Group 18”

Meet Group 14

Issy Flower, Antonia Georgieva, Hannah Paybarah Under The Influence Aria and Sarah come from very different worlds but their mutual connection stems from a common motive: being at the top of their game. Lockdown’s hit everyone differently, and influencer Sarah thinks she can get a blog feature out of it. Aria, an actor stuck inContinue reading “Meet Group 14”

Meet Group 33

Nola Rae, Matthew Ridout, Director, Allen Charlton, Rebekkah Sturge Nola Rae and Jabberwocky A peerless mime leaves her vow of silence to give voice to this classic poem by Lewis Carroll. The result is a burst of humour and creative genius. Nola Rae’s Jabberwocky is less recitation than dramatic performance; it is acting on anContinue reading “Meet Group 33”

Meet Group 5

Melina Theocharidou, Oznur Cifci, Lucy Hayward, Nadia Papachronopoulou, Tassa Deparis Two Under Two A short film about motherhood, womanhood and friendship. I’m Still Here A fresh new perspective on the family dynamic, disability, children and hamsters. This is Shirley Valentine working from home. Tassa Deparis – Writer (Two Under Two)Tassa Deparis is Indonesian born, and raised inContinue reading “Meet Group 5”

Meet Group 26

Lora Krasteva, Lilia Nova, Victoria Valcheva The Snake Bites the Hardest When It Knows It’s Dying In April 2018, Desislava Ivancheva and Biliana Petrova, mayor and deputy mayor of a major area of Sofia, were arrested in the city centre, in an operation worthy of Hollywood. They remained in the street for hours, chained andContinue reading “Meet Group 26”


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