Picking up when a job is cancelled – Nalan Burgess

The closing of theatres on March 16th led to an abrupt end to rehearsals for a show we had been working on for weeks and a complete lifestyle change, trading in the rehearsal room for my bedroom: laptop-life and even constructing a desk, the actor’s nemesis. During such an emotionally turbulent time, it has beenContinue reading “Picking up when a job is cancelled – Nalan Burgess”

Collaborating – Julia Levai and Danaja Wass

Julia and I were originally a part of the Powershare hosted by Abi Zakarian and Morgan Lloyd Malcolm. As the actual performance of it got postponed due to the pandemic, we were delighted to have the opportunity to work together on this project. Hannah McClean has given a tour de force performance in The ThelmasContinue reading “Collaborating – Julia Levai and Danaja Wass”

A vivid sense of urgency – Hana Pascal Keegan

With a vivid sense of urgency, it’s been incredible to collaborate with previously unknown artists to explore personal and collective questions of lockdown. Like never before, we’ve been able to key into the visceral details of our shared experiences. Creating virtually has given me purpose and challenged me to write, which I never had timeContinue reading “A vivid sense of urgency – Hana Pascal Keegan”