Meet Group 23

Alexandra Donnachie, Kate Donnachie, Ellie Zeegen Found Missing Inspired by group member Ellie Zeegen’s participation in the Refuge 62 Mile Walking Challenge, Found Missing is a work-in-progress audio journey. It is our group’s response to the reports of a huge increase in cases of domestic violence across the country throughout the global pandemic. The projectContinue reading “Meet Group 23”

Meet Group 28

Anna Pellegrini, Ellie Hurt, Olivia Dodd, Priyank Morjaria Perspectives When an incident happens in the street, the significance of the consequences starts to unravel. Perspectives focuses on the narration of one event from two different points of view. Through this formal device the piece explores the functionality of language as a conveyor of meaning whichContinue reading “Meet Group 28”

Meet Group 10

Carly McCann, Stephanie Stephens, Sabrina Richmond, Samantha Richmond Genetic Beauty We see the suffering, we feel bad about the suffering, we do something – dial “0800-doing-good” (0800-36464-4663). Raising money for charity is an eye, to heart, to wallet equation. No one does the annual telethon like these two news anchors, who know that money isContinue reading “Meet Group 10”

Meet Group 18

Ben SantaMaria, Tom Shennan, Elizabeth Twells, Theo Harrison Symptoms May Include Symptoms May Include is a film created and shot remotely by a group of artists in Epping, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Studland. It explores the wide-ranging effects of post-COVID syndrome through a deliberately ambiguous narrative, which reflects the complexity of the issues raised. AContinue reading “Meet Group 18”