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‘In the Mourning’ by Danaja Wass, performed by Hannah McClean, directed by Julia Levai, editing by Eva Kraljević

“Corona has stolen my mother’s thunder, I’m sure she would have hated that.” proclaims Aoife. Due to the ongoing pandemic, she is unable to attend her mother’s funeral in Northern Ireland. While isolating in her tiny flat in London, Aoife tries to explain why, in the wake of her mother’s death, she doesn’t feel sad or upset.

Starlings’ by Chris York, performed by Emma Noakes, directed by Sibylla Archdale Kalid

How do we remember those we’ve lost – and how do they remember us? When her long-term relationship is cut short, Emma struggles to accept the reality of being alone. An exploration of how grief and longing can confine us.

‘Not An Ending’ by Florence Keith-Roach, performed by Acushla-Tara Kupe, directed by Ben Caplan

What place does longing have in this time of isolation? Can we bear it?  A couple on an online date shakily attempt to  stoke the embers of their distanced intimacy and navigate the accompanying frustrations and lingering resentments.

‘Your First Ever Make-Up Tutorial’ by Stefanie Reynolds, performed by Nalan Burgess, directed by Atri Banerjee

During quarantine, people respond in different ways. Some are productive and active, others not so much. Some people may learn a new language, others may finally do that makeup tutorial they’ve always wanted to do. What could go wrong!?

‘Self Disassembly’ by Chris Edis, performed by Tom Crowhurst, directed by Hal Chambers

A man’s world is torn apart when he is unable to complete his flat-pack furniture. He struggles to meet the now-familiar challenge of motivating himself to work from home. He’ll get to it eventually. But first. the wardrobe…

‘Me…me’ by Danusia Samal, performed by Iniki Mariano, directed by Atri Banerjee

Crochet, watercolour, meditation, workouts. We have to find meaning in all this. We HAVE to. Because if we don’t… four hundred and ninety nine.

Good Connection? by Nalan Burgess, performed by Olivia Dodd and Priyank Morjaria, directed by Hana Keegan

“Life is Zoom right now!” Between her internet connection and her egg-obsessed boyfriend, life within four walls is more of a juggling act than Anya expected! Balancing long-distance relationships with her family dog, her best friend and her early-bird employer, there isn’t much time left for Ben. Yet there he is, every minute of every day…

‘Winners’ by Nicole Latchana, performed by Declan Perring, directed by Sibylla Archdale Kalid

'Winners' in Rehearsal

Winners is about trying to stay productive in a global pandemic, how productivity can be used at great lengths to escape our feelings, and about just how scary doing nothing is in a culture of doing, achieving and winning.  What really matters at the end of the day?

‘After the Tone’ by Sian Davila, performed by Claudius Peters, directed by Gethin Alderman

2020. Mid-lockdown. The world is physically distancing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean socially too. After a chance meeting at a bookshop with Jennifer –  pre-lockdown – Elijah can’t help but wonder how she’s doing.

‘After the Tone’ in Rehearsal

Paddyby James McDermott, performed by Joe Allen, directed by Myriam Acharki

Paddy’s self-isolating in Colchester desperate for a man to miss during lock-down. Then he gets a WhatsApp message from a fellow Pokemon Go enthusiast…

Woman in Isolation’ by Laura Clifford, performed by Myriam Acharki, directed by Olivia Munk

After a Xanax self-induced sleep, a researcher wakes to find the world is not as she left it. The last thing she remembers is government communication breaking down and news sources disappearing. Now things seem to have taken a turn for the worst…

‘Digital Detox’ by James McDermott, performed by Kane Surry and Elliot Hadley, directed by Leon Lopez

Londoner Adam is stuck working in LIDL. His boyfriend Jake is stuck in Italy with his ex… ‘Digital Detox’ is a comedy drama about how lock-down is affecting our relationships with ourselves and our loved ones.

‘Yash Gill’s Power Half Hour’ by Nikesh Shukla, performed by Sacha Dhawan, directed by Milli Bhatia

Stand-up comedian, Yash Gill takes his ‘Power Half Hour’ and streams it live for the first time.

Ms. Evans’ by Ajjaz Awad, performed by Vicky Elliot, directed by Ed Gaughan

A committed secondary school teacher attempts to adapt to life on Zoom. Will she be able to maintain a respectable level of authority in this increasingly uncertain environment – and keep her sanity intact?

It Is Quiet Now‘ written & directed by Brian Danielson, performed by Ben Caplan

It is quiet now. With the unexpected possibility of time, a man – both father and husband – finally lets go of lost love. A tiny fragmented story of grief and hope, and of love.

IMperfect‘ written & performed by Leah & Mhairi Gayer.

Twins, Mabel and Rose, meet once a week at the woodland where their mum is buried. Complete opposites, they unite on a mission that will turn their lives upside down, or, perhaps, the right way up.

‘I Feel…’ by Florence Keith-Roach, performed by Rhoda Ofori-Attah, directed by Nadia Papachronopoulou

‘Me’ in Rehearsal

‘I Feel..’ is a collaboration between three women. It is a piece exploring the memories and yearnings that emerge from loneliness that some find themselves currently consumed by. 

‘People Under the Moon’ by Anjli Mohindra, performed by Gwilym Lee, directed by Hal Chambers

Where do you turn for love in Lockdown? How do you find intimacy in a time of social distancing? A new video-sharing dating app gives a junior doctor the chance to find out…

‘Proof of Life’ by Ryan Craig, performed by Zoe Zak, directed by Harry Tennison

Proof of Life in Rehearsal

“I’m still not talking to you, and I don’t see why a pandemic should change that.” An intensive care doctor records a message for an estranged family member to assure her yes, she is alive, but has some home truths to share.

A Birthday Wish’ by Frances McNamee, performed by Joseph Adelakun, directed by Ellie Hurt

Play it cool. Be yourself. Honesty is the best policy. A man in isolation struggles with these three golden rules while trying to film a Birthday message for a long lost friend.

‘Bangers’ written & performed by Danusia Samal, directed by Nadia Papachronopoulou, with music by Theo Ogundipe

In an intimate encounter underscored by R&B slow jamz, Aria is pushed to question if this is what she really wants. An exploration of misogyny and music.

‘Doing The Dishes’ written & directed by Hana Keegan, performed by Leah and Mhairi Gayer

“What if I could swim in this kitchen sink?”
Doing the dishes turns to comic absurdity as Laura confesses to her twin Kate a sensual secret that could change everything. Should Laura prioritise her twin’s kinship or her newfound lust for an unknown lover?

‘Video For Nanna’ written by Laura Clifford, performed by Elizabeth Twells, directed by Harry Tennison

Nanna is isolated in her care home. Her granddaughter tries to record a video message for her. There’s something she has to tell her.

Video for Nanna’ in Rehearsal

‘When You Host Your First Zoom’ by Stef Reynolds, performed by Esther Jeyah, directed by Leon Lopez

Our regular routines have been flipped over, and we’re all finding new ways of coping and communicating. We’re using apps we’d never heard of, like Zoom, to hold team meetings with a team we hadn’t even met…

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