Meet Group 7

Markella Syrri, Jacqueline Rose, Ezel Doruk, Raphael Von Blumenthal

Making (non)Sense of it All

Nobody asked for this. But here we are, and there you are. Trying to (re)define our place in the new (ab)normal. So where do we begin to understand what life is like now? How did we manage to share an emotional experience while physically apart? Borrowing lenses and voices that interweave with our own collective experience to question what connects us, what we have shared, and how we are navigating the new spaces to emerge from this nightmarish dream (or dreamy nightmare) we invite our audience, everybody and nobody to join us to make (non)sense of it all.

Available August 23

Markella Syrri – Creator/Producer
Markella is an aspiring Greek theatre maker. She was a member of Greek theatre company “ΔρΥς” and holds a postgraduate degree in Playwriting. Extracts of her work were read in an MA showcase at Soho Theatre and she has been involved in a number of devised projects along with working in Backstage theatre. She is interested in exploring the complexity of identity and enjoys culturally specific work that challenges the audience’s perspective. As a non English speaker she often experiments with the functions of language and meaning. She enjoys devised and collaborative projects with shifting points of view and interweaving narratives.

Jacqueline Rose – Creator/Producer
Jacqueline is an actor, improviser and filmmaker. During her time in Melbourne she directed, co-produced and performed in Stiff Company an experimental theatre offering that combines a scripted actor with a script-less improviser. She also appeared in Chronic; A Gentle Nightmare at La Mama theatre. Most recently she performed in the sell out popular show Completely Improvised Potter for Melbourne Fringe Festival before arriving in London and working at The Old Vic Theatre. She is passionate about the creation of performance art and the craft of storytelling. During lockdown she has been working extensively with director Kim Farrant (Strangerland). 

Raphael Von Blumenthal – Creator/Producer
Raphael is an actor and voiceover artist. As a German-Romanian Third Culture Kid, his main interests lie in exploring multilingual and cross-cultural work that challenges traditional ideas of national identity. He enjoys subversive work that holds an uncomfortable mirror up to audiences, and using comedy as a vehicle to explore the uncomfortable. He has appeared in international features (Two Is a Family, Mon Inconnue), and recent stage credits include Welcome to Mine (Space Theatre), Movements of the Soul (Bush Studio) and Dictating to the Estate (Playground Theatre). He enjoys collaborative devising and workshopping.

Ezel Doruk – Creator/Producer
Ezel is a clown by way of the actor. Having cut his teeth on stage at La Mama theatre, Melbourne – in Peter King’s re-telling of Henrik Ibsen’s John Gabriel Borkman, he quickly became fascinated by the potential of clown and its ability to grip the gears and levers of the machinations behind creativity.  He has also appeared in numerous self-devised productions and was one of the founding members of comedy troupe PoPoMoCo. He has appeared on Australian screens in Channel Nine’s Gallipoli and Saara Lambergs cult-hit Innuendo. He will be appearing in Saara’s third feature The Lies We Tell Ourselves.

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