Meet Group 33

Nola Rae, Matthew Ridout, Director, Allen Charlton, Rebekkah Sturge

Nola Rae and Jabberwocky

A peerless mime leaves her vow of silence to give voice to this classic poem by Lewis Carroll. The result is a burst of humour and creative genius. Nola Rae’s Jabberwocky is less recitation than dramatic performance; it is acting on an intimate scale but packs a punch. Brave adventurer, storyteller, naysayer, and grateful courtier all flit before us like shadows across the brow of Britain’s most famous mime. It is nonsense of the highest order.

Available August 18

Allen Charlton – Editor
Allen Charlton edits documentaries for UK and US television and cinema. Recent films include BBC’s “The Man Who Saw Too Much” on writer / holocaust survivor Boris Pahor and episodes of ORMedia’s “Iran Iraq War.” Cinema projects include “The Capote Tapes,” premiered in 2019’s Toronto International Film Festival. Past strands include Storyville, Witness, Timewatch, Arena, Omnibus, Equinox, Frontline and Imagine. Awards and nominations include Griersons, Emmies, RTS Indies, Rose D’Ors, Bafta, Focal, Montreal FIFA, and CineGold.

Nola Rae Performer
Australian Nola Rae trained at Royal Ballet School, dancing professionally before studying mime with Marcel Marceau. Founder member of several troupes including London Mime Theatre, she launched the London International Mime Festival with Joseph Seelig, now in its 44th season. She has mixed mime, dance, clowning, puppetry and controlled lunacy into full length comic dramas such as Elizabeth’s Last Stand, Mozart Preposteroso, Exit Napoleon Pursued by Rabbits, and Shakespeare, the Works (the bard’s greatest hits–minus the words.) Her work has toured 68 countries to great acclaim. Award-winning director and performer, in 2008 Nola received an M.B.E. for services to Drama and Mime.

Matthew Ridout – Director
Matthew studied industrial design at London’s Central School of Art and joined the touring fringe company, Friends Roadshow. Here he met Nola Rae with whom he founded London Mime Theatre. Staging all its productions, he has designed and constructed all sets, props and puppets. Matthew Ridout is also Nola Rae’s production and tour manager, creating lighting, producing and editing sound tracks and operating both sound and light for all their performances.

Rebekah Sturge – Music
Rebekah is a multi-instrumentalist composer and educator. She read Music at Cambridge University.

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