Meet Group 26

Lora Krasteva, Lilia Nova, Victoria Valcheva

The Snake Bites the Hardest When It Knows It’s Dying

In April 2018, Desislava Ivancheva and Biliana Petrova, mayor and deputy mayor of a major area of Sofia, were arrested in the city centre, in an operation worthy of Hollywood. They remained in the street for hours, chained and without access to a lawyer… or a glass of water. Their story of alleged bribery and local government corruption has galvanized the Bulgarian public and split the country. Who should be trusted: the State or those captured by it? The snake bites.. is a devised, documentary-style work in progress, shedding light on the surreal world of Bulgarian politics, current protests in the country and the strength of women’s words.

Lora Krasteva Director
Lora is a theatre maker, political scientist, and activist. She works as Executive Producer at With One Voice, the international arts and homelessness movement and heads Global Voices Theatre, a female, non-binary and immigrant company platforming work from underrepresented creatives.
Since the COVID lockdown, Lora has been podcasting as Untrained Effort, investigating
cultural policy around the world and working with other migrants in theatre to increase
representation across the industry. She recently integrated the Cultural Freelance Taskforce, a nationwide taskforce setting agendas and enacting change as part of the UK cultural recovery.

Lilia NovaPerformer/Devisor
Lilia is an actress and theatre maker born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria and is currently based in London. Lilia trained at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance. Since her graduation in 2017, she has been working with Bred in the Bone Theatre Laboratory. In 2018 Lilia joined the production team of Rêves D’Avant L’Aube (Dreams Before Dawn), a theatre festival for emerging companies that took place in Paris.
Lilia is currently developing a solo show in which she explores notions of femininity and the topic of gender-based domestic violence.

Victoria ValchevaPerformer/Devisor
Victoria is a multidisciplinary artist born in Burgas,Bulgaria and is currently based in London. Victoria studied BA Hons in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins and has had her work exhibited for Harlesden High Street projects Room of One’s Own and Midnight Cinema. In 2018 Victoria began her studies at Drama Centre graduating with an MA in Acting and gained the Les Visionnaires Scholarship for exceptional contribution in her chosen field of studies. In her current work she explores her ongoing interest in performance, language, art and film. 

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