Meet Group 25

Yamine Dankwah, Maya Willcocks


“Mummy said I ask far too many questions…sooo I thought it would be good to ask you…” Starting in the early 90s, we follow Quinn, a girl, through her formative years where her identity is continuously interrogated, moulded and reformed. An audio visual piece which explores self expectation and what it means to grow up in an ever-changing world; we revisit her life every 5 years through her letters, treasured artefacts and social media posts. What has changed in 5 years? What, if anything, has stayed the same? And are we really the same person we start out being?

Available August 31

Yasmine Dankwah
Yasmine Dankwah is a London based writer, who aims to subvert the rule ‘show don’t tell’, by telling the stories of those, who are often used ‘for show’. Fascinated by the intersection between music, poetry and performance, she hopes to create work that elicits a rhythmic and shared experience amongst audiences on a social and emotional level, despite the differences that may separate them. This year she was a part of the VAULT’s New Writers’ cohort as well as the Apples and Snakes’ Platform Poets programme.

Maya Willcocks
Maya Willcocks is a London based producer, performer and devisor. She has produced multiple shows for theatre company People Show, including People Show 130: The Last Straw, People Show 137: God Knows How Many, and their upcoming film People 138: Last Day. She also recently edited the online project People Show 140: WakeEatWatchSleepRepeat, following 35 young creatives in lockdown. Alongside this she co-produced Théâtre Volière’s first two Marchland seasons – a festival of music, performance and poetry from Europe’s borderland regions. In 2019 she began training at Identity School of Acting and is a member of the National Youth Theatre.

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