Meet Group 11

Megan Farquhar, Mark Fenton, Lotti Sofia, Anne-Christelle Zanzen

You’re Not Listening

Being torn apart by their parents divorce, two sisters try and reconnect. A short film about how memories are rewritten and how we need to be loved in our most difficult moments.

Available August 23

Megan Farquhar – Performer
Megan Farquhar is an actor, director, dramaturg and designer based in Birmingham. She is an associate director with Tiny Change Theatre, a company dedicated to putting on exciting new writing in intimate settings. Her work aims to bring overlooked or unheard voices to the forefront whilst utilising music, technology and design to make the stage feel as alive and electric as possible. Torch Town (Edinburgh Fringe & Theatre503), Butterflies (Birmingham REP), Stealing Signs (Hare & Hounds Kings Heath), Sidekick (Bridge House Theatre)

Mark Fenton – Writer
Mark Fenton is a playwright, director and sound designer based in Birmingham. He is the founder of theatre company Tiny Change Theatre, dedicated to bold and emotional new writing in intimate settings. Approaching theatre with an ambitious, DIY ethic, Mark explores themes such as mental health, humanity & love, and the relationships and associations we have with music. Credits include Torch Town (Edinburgh Fringe & Theatre503), She Is A Place Called Home (VAULT Festival) Stealing Signs (Hare & Hounds Kings Heath), 7 Ways To Calm The F**k Down (Edinburgh Fringe).

Lotti Sofia – Performer
Lotti Sofia has had lengthy experience as an agent’s assistant, as well as a stint in casting, however she started in the industry as an actor and is excited to head back to her roots with Virtual Collaborators. She is particularly interested in exploring the layers and vulnerability that can be found within every person, character and relationship within both comedic and serious roles. Carlotta is also a freelance wellness writer for the online platform, The Authentic Project. 
Training: RADA (1 yr)  Credits include: 4:48 Psychosis & Night’s At The Circus (Fourth Monkey Rep Theatre Company), Threepenny Opera (Cheltenham Playhouse), The Crucible (EEMR). 

Anne-Christelle Zanzen – Director
Anne-Christelle Zanzen is a stage director part of the Young Vic Director’s Programme. She is passionate about devising theatre and directing stories from a fresh and innovative point of view, using technology, music and movement in her approach. On large or intimate scales, she is interested in exploring themes such as family, identity or mental health. Battle of Thoughts (Lockdown dance video), Poems from my Brother (Evolution Scratches – Lyric Hammersmith), Soupcase (Rapid Write Response Theatre503),  Nehemiah The Musical (Atmosphere Festival), The Falcon’s Flight (Loughton Festival, King Harold’s Day Festival), Perspective, Un Son à Ta Porte, Le Rendez-vous, Qu’est-ce qui cloche? Noël What else? (EER).

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