Meet Group 10

Carly McCann, Stephanie Stephens, Sabrina Richmond, Samantha Richmond

Genetic Beauty

We see the suffering, we feel bad about the suffering, we do something – dial “0800-doing-good” (0800-36464-4663). Raising money for charity is an eye, to heart, to wallet equation. No one does the annual telethon like these two news anchors, who know that money is best raised in a vulgar contest of which cause can garner the most pity. But this year these two women who’ve been doing the annual telethon fundraiser for needy causes are about to have a very public fallout over a disability very personal to one of them. They will have to take sides for the first time in their friendship, professional careers and perhaps their lives.

Available 7pm August 27

Carly McCann – Performer
Carly McCann is excited to be a part of this important production and outstanding team. Carly was most recently seen in the one-woman show MADDY, written by Jasmin Mandi-Ghomi and directed by Amy Collins at the 2020 Vault Festival. Some of her other recent credits include RawTransport (Vault 2020), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Poor Yorick’s Players 2020) The Apocalypse Kit (Like No Tomorrow Event 2020) and Sitting Still (Dramatists Guild of America 2020). She is the co-creator of Electrick Village, an immersive VR theatre company, and she is currently concocting Electrick Village’s latest show, For Us, which will debut at the Offbeat Festival in 2021.

Sabrina Richmond – Lead Writer / Director
Sabrina Richmond is a Director, Writer & Performer with a background in journalism. She has directed work shown at venues such as The Space, Southwark Playhouse, Theatro Technis, Pleasance as well as Lion and Unicorn. She’s a Tamasha Theatre Playwright 2019/20 developing a play exploring inherited trauma across three generations. As Oxford Playhouse Evolve Artist 2020/21 she’s working on a piece looking at sex and black women’s bodies through the lens of age. She trained as an actor at New York Film Academy, NY. Because she’s lived in 7 countries since birth, she loves stories that connect our common humanity.

Samantha Richmond – Co-writer/ Support Performer
Samantha Richmond is an emerging creative writer and is passionate about telling stories through a variety of different forms. At present, Samantha is exploring her passion for creative writing through poetry and playwriting. Having “grown-up” in the humanities, Samantha is a masters-level, quantitative social scientist by training whose career ventured into the coordination and eventually management of research projects as well as research-related programmes within public institutions of higher education, not-for-profit and for-profits, as well as publicly-funded entities.

Stephanie Stevens – Performer
Stephanie Stevens is an actor, singer, and writer. Stephanie has performed in a variety of theatres, including Omnibus Clapham, The Arcola, Bush Theatre, Park Theatre, Theatre 503, Bunker Theatre and The Other Palace.

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