Week 1 Videos

The Virtual Collaborators have been busy! This week we launch NINE excellent pieces, remotely rehearsed, filmed and edited. Scroll down or check out our YouTube.

AFTER THE TONE by Sian Davila

After a chance meeting at a bookshop with Jennifer –  pre-lockdown – Elijah can’t help but wonder how she’s doing.

BANGERS by Danusia Samal

In an intimate encounter underscored by R&B slow jamz, Aria is pushed to question if this is what she really wants. An exploration of misogyny and music.

DIGITAL DETOX by James McDermott

Londoner Adam is stuck working in LIDL. His boyfriend Jake is stuck in Italy with his ex… a comedy drama about how lock-down is affecting our relationships with ourselves and our loved ones.

DOING THE DISHES by Hana Pascal Keegan

What if I could swim in this kitchen sink?  Doing the dishes, Laura confesses to her twin Kate a sensual secret that could change everything. 

PADDY by James Mc Dermott

A short film about a gay man trying to find “a man to miss” during Lockdown. Conceived and filmed in isolation with only the washing machine for company. Also, Pokemon rule.

VIDEO FOR NANNA by Laura Clifford

Nanna is isolated in her care home. Her granddaughter tries to record a video message for her. There’s something she has to tell her.


We’re all finding new ways of coping and communicating. We’re using apps we’d never heard of, like Zoom, to hold team meetings with a team we hadn’t even met… this piece explores the joys and perils of such an experience.

WINNERS by Nicole Latchana

Harry sees a global pandemic as an opportunity to thrive, he doesn’t lie around posting memes about how depressed he is! Be like Harry.

WOMAN IN ISOLATION by Laura Clifford

After a Xanax self-induced sleep, a researcher wakes to find the world is not as she left it.

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